Circumference Programs

Catalyst transforms the latest adult education and leadership research into a powerful and life-changing program. Our aim is to support you in connecting with your ‘element’ - to improve peak performance and personal well-being.
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Presenting With Presence
Presenting With Presence is a 2 day program designed to help course participants develop more personal power in their ‘upfront’ and presentation skills. Would you like to improve your communication, presentation and leadership skills to make more impact in your work environment?
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Writing With Soul
Explore the creative process and connect with your spontaneity, heart and spirit. Writing with Soul is a fun and experiential program that will help you to find your voice and confidence as a Writer.
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Corporate Soiree
Meet inspiring business leaders and learn from their inspirational stories. Corporate Soiree is an exciting opportunity for you to discover the ‘leadership edge’ that can help you take the next step in your career.
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Life, Death and Purpose
Robert Prinable will take you on a unique journey to gain more clarity and awareness of your life’s purpose.
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About Us

Circumference takes the next step in personal development and corporate development.

We facilitate personal, leadership and organisational programs based on validated research and evidence-based practice in adult education.

We offer a range of Corporate, Educational, Personal and Online programs, catering to the needs of our clients at pivotal points in their life journey.

Our aim is to help our course participants connect with their unique skills and talents to enhance their creativity, passion and success in life. We work with individuals and organisations within the public, corporate and educational environments.

Circumference was launched in 2009 with the aim of supporting best practice in the fields of adult education, corporate consultancy, leadership facilitation and academic research.

Who We Are

Our facilitators and executive coaches contribute a unique skill-set that adds value and professional expertise to all Circumference programs. They share expertise in adult education, corporate consultancy, leadership facilitation and business research.

Shanti Clements

Barry Quin

Errol van Blerk

Robert Prinable

Bernadette Degabriele