Bernadette Degabriele

Bernadette Degabriele

Bernadette is a both an associate at Circumference and director at Core Dimensions. She brings her expertise as an executive coach and change management consultant to Circumference. She believes that “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.)

After a successful career in the Royal Australian Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, Bernadette came to business consultancy with a primary interest in people development and management. As the NSW Consulting Manager for Opticon Australia, she successfully led, managed and developed consulting teams, and delivered assignments that involved organisational change and transition, personnel management, program and project management, and complex IT implementations in Australia and the UK.

Her broad experience in organisations, large and small, public and private, afforded Bernadette deep insights into the nature of the vital interdependence between successful change and effective leadership: while most organisations are good at developing technical skills and managing goals they often fail to develop their people commensurate with the envisaged change. While emphasis on leadership development is generally acknowledged, organisations provide little on how that development might be achieved for an individual. This led Bernadette to coaching as an optimal solution for personal and professional development.

In her coaching and facilitation experience, Bernadette found that typical profiling instruments tended to put people in boxes related to their current jobs and to ignore the potential of an individual to grow. In her endeavour to find a tool that developed the whole person, Bernadette discovered Q12. Q12 focuses on personal development first and application of that development second - this places self-knowledge and development strategy in the hands of the individual, ensuring commitment to sustainable change.

Bernadette brings her passion for personal and professional development to her highly effective executive coaching and consulting services. With a range of tools and personal experience Bernadette enables her clients to improve the quality of both their working and personal lives, resulting in greater personal satisfaction and greater organisational effectiveness simultaneously.

Bernadette provides Executive Coaching for our corporate and education clients.