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Life, Death and Purpose
Robert Prinable will take you on a unique journey to gain more clarity and awareness of your life’s purpose.
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Leadership Breakthrough
Leadership Breakthrough is a residential course designed to help individuals and teams connect with their personal and organisational power in order to achieve greater strategic success.
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Robert Prinable

Robert Prinable

Robert Prinable is the Director of Core Dimensions and Corporate Breakthrough, and brings over 25 years experience as a Personal Development and Corporate facilitator to his association with Circumference. Robert’s first career in electronic engineering led naturally to his second career in corporate management in that field. But it was his third career – in personal and professional development where he pioneered techniques for evolutionary change that have taken him to more than 100 organisations in 23 countries, involving over 25,000 people.

Robert’s extensive first-hand facilitation experience highlighted the need for an accurate and objective instrument that could measure an individual’s developmental progress. His work showed that instruments that see personality as a number of fixed ‘types’ create a limited, one-dimensional picture of a person. The assumption that people can be defined by their behaviour leads to an attitude of “fitting square pegs into square holes”, which only serves to limit growth and waste potential.

Robert wanted to identify, not simply behaviour patterns or ‘types’, but the normal deeper motivations which are not obvious to others and yet are the pre-requisites of effective self-management.

This “gap in the market” led Robert to design and develop Q12. Q12 assumes that as people succeed in meeting their evolving needs within a natural hierarchy of needs, their motivations change in essence and behaviour becomes a simple matter of choice.

Robert facilitates Leadership Breakthrough and Life Death and Purpose.