Shanti Facilitates

Catalyst transforms the latest adult education and leadership research into a powerful and life-changing program. Our aim is to support you in connecting with your ‘element’ - to improve peak performance and personal well-being.
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Writing With Soul
Explore the creative process and connect with your spontaneity, heart and spirit. Writing with Soul is a fun and experiential program that will help you to find your voice and confidence as a Writer.
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Corporate Soiree
Meet inspiring business leaders and learn from their inspirational stories. Corporate Soiree is an exciting opportunity for you to discover the ‘leadership edge’ that can help you take the next step in your career.
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Leadership Breakthrough
Leadership Breakthrough is a residential course designed to help individuals and teams connect with their personal and organisational power in order to achieve greater strategic success.
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Shanti Clements

Shanti Clements

I am committed to developing and facilitating programs that support our course participants and corporate clients in achieving greater success and fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

Circumference was founded from our belief that people, regardless of age, cultural or social background, seek career satisfaction and self-mastery as they journey through the major milestones in life. Research shows that emotional intelligence and an ongoing commitment to personal mastery are the keys to greater emotional well-being, financial prosperity and career success.

For this reason, Circumference offers a range of courses that cater to the diverse needs of our clients at the key stages of their personal and corporate journeys. At the core of all our courses is the Leadership Development Framework, a validated educational and organisational model, which has transformed the fields of Adult Education and Corporate Development for the 21st Century.

Background and Experience

Shanti has 21 years experience facilitating in the fields of educational and leadership research. She is a school principal and Honorary Associate with the University of Sydney, and has spent the past 10 years training and lecturing graduate teachers on the Masters of Education and Bachelor of Education degree programs. She has written two books (in the area of Leadership and Multicultural values) and a screenplay. As an ex-journalist, she has worked on radio as a Breakfast News announcer and Current Affairs reporter.

Her strengths are in teaching and designing Mentoring, Educational Leadership, Personal Development and Corporate Development programs. She is currently writing a Ph.D. thesis linking Leadership Effectiveness with Ego Development.

Leadership Profiles and Coaching Accreditation

  • Q12
  • The Leadership Maturity ScTI-Map profile
  • The Leadership Circle Leadership Profile
  • The Leadership Circle Culture Survey