Corporate Soiree

You are personally invited to attend our Corporate Soiree evenings and listen to the success stories of well-known business leaders.

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Corporate Soiree

About Corporate Soiree

Meet successful business leaders and learn from their inspirational stories. Corporate Soiree is an exciting opportunity for you to discover the ‘leadership edge’ that can help you take the next step in your career.

Corporate Soiree is a tri-monthly leadership network for business professionals keen to learn from the personal experiences of business leaders. Well-known leaders and facilitators in the Corporate arena provide ‘inspirationals’ at each 2 hour evening session.

At Corporate Soiree, you will also get the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Q&A - to ask questions that can help improve your leadership effectiveness and corporate expertise.

It is a wonderful opportunity for those in the Corporate arena to be part of an innovative and exciting social community.

For people who

  • Learning from the insights of successful business leaders, and as a result, learn more about their own personal leadership journey.
  • Learning ways to sustain and strengthen their own corporate resilience.
  • Hearing about the diverse nature of leadership ... and discovering how business leaders from different fields or sectors have achieved success.
  • Taking the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, share experiences and perspectives, and form supportive friendships that may endure over time.
  • Participating in a proactive leadership community.