Leadership Breakthrough

Leadership Breakthrough is a 6 day residential program.

It is a course designed to help individuals and teams to connect with their personal and organisational power to make a successful difference to the world.

Corporate Breakthrough

About Leadership Breakthrough

This course supports teams in making the shift from Individual Goals to Collective Vision and Alignment. It inspires teams to evaluate the way they think, act and relate to each other as individuals and as a team in the ‘peaks and valleys’ of organisational life.

Leadership Breakthrough empowers organisations to connect with the collective power of the human spirit - full of hope and intelligence, resilient by nature, boundless in its potential to serve the common good. It is this collective power that encompasses the soul of organisations that enables us to survive, thrive and profoundly impact the future of the world.

It is quite literally the ‘how to’ of making organisations work at Level 5 leadership (from ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins) and you see it, learn it and experience it by putting it into practice on the program.

Program Format

  • 6 days in a residential setting affords the rare privilege of time-out to become immersed in the organisational learning and return to work regenerated - physically, intellectually and spiritually. The course runs from Friday 7pm - 10pm, Saturday 9am to Friday 10pm.
  • Minimum 12 delegates, maximum 22 delegates per program.


  • Personal Reflection on your Leadership Profile utilising choice from the following assessment tools: Leadership Maturity Framework, TLC, Q12 or LSI instruments
  • Executive Brain Training
  • Team Building Strategies
  • Development of personal and organisational vision
  • Development of Organisational Leadership Plan