The Leadership Capability Program

More often than not, people are promoted to leadership positions based on their business or technical skills and performance results. While these are important, leadership requires a whole different set of skills, as the higher you are promoted, the more likely your position will involve leading and managing of a team of people.

The Leadership Capability Program

About the Course

The skill-set required for dealing effectively with people is often referred to as Emotional Intelligence (EQ). EQ skills have been clearly defined, and can be learned, practised and developed.

The Leadership Capability Program is a 2 day program that covers the theory and practice of Emotional Intelligence – focusing on how it applies to effective leadership and management.

The course equips participants with the knowhow to build on the people skills they already possess, ways to recognise the areas that they need to develop and the ‘how to’ of doing that.

The Leadership Capability Program has been successfully run with over 1000 executives over the past 15 years in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Daniel Goleman posed the question, “What is it that maximises a group’s IQ?”. The answer, based on his research, was based on how well a group can work and get along together. In other words, the success of a team is based on the leader’s and group’s collective Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

There are several elements involved in creating effective leadership and a great team. Functionality and relationships are fundamental to moving from ‘Good to Great’ as a team.

The Leadership Capability Program will develop a leadership framework around which a team is organised and functions, and explores the interpersonal relationships which are the ‘glue’ that holds a group together.


  • Personal Reflection on your Leadership Profile utilising choice from the following assessment tools: Leadership Maturity Framework, TLC, Q12 or LSI instruments
  • Executive Brain Training
  • Development of Mentoring/Coaching capabilities
  • Reconnection with personal vision
  • Development of a Personal Leadership Plan
  • Sustainable Team Building Strategies

Program Format

  • 2 days and one evening in either a corporate or residential setting
  • Minimum of 12 delegates, maximum 22 delegates per program