Presenting With Presence

Would you like to improve your communication, presentation and leadership skills to make a positive difference in your work environment?

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Presenting with Presence

About Presenting with Presence

Presenting With Presence is a 2 day program designed to help course participants develop more personal power in their ‘upfront’ and presentation skills.

  • How confident are you when presenting to small or large groups of people?
  • Are you able to develop connection and rapport when facilitating groups?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your current facilitation and presentation skills?

Presenting With Presence will show you ways to present with congruence, personal authenticity and skilful facilitation. It will enhance your ability to connect powerfully with an audience when presenting in public.

The result?

Greater self awareness, personal confidence and dexterity when communicating with work colleagues and facilitating company presentations or course material.

For people who

  • Want to move past their fear and anxiety of speaking in public
  • Would like to explore their ‘Upfront’ skills in a caring and supportive environment
  • Are keen to develop a variety of vocal or presentation techniques to improve their public speaking
  • Rely on their presentation skills in the career life
  • Want to connect with their personal authenticity and charisma to make a powerful difference in their communication